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Big Farm: Mobile Harvest Goodgame Studios

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  • Version 10.39.30578
  • Requirements Android 5.0
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Do you love the idea of managing your own farm, growing crops, and raising animals? With Big Farm, you can do all that and more, all from your own device!

What is Big Farm?

It is a mobile game that you can download on your smartphone or tablet. This game lets you step into the shoes of a farmer, managing a farm, growing crops, raising animals, and selling products to expand your farm.

How do you play Big Farm?

After downloading it from your device's app store, you can start your farming journey. You'll plant crops, feed and raise animals, harvest your products, and sell them to earn money.

You can use your earnings to buy more seeds, animals, and farm buildings, helping your farm to grow and thrive.

What makes Big Farm special?

It is special because it gives you a taste of the farming life, right from your device. You'll learn about different crops and animals, and how to manage and grow a successful farm.

Another unique feature of Big Farm is the community aspect. You can join a cooperative to trade with other farmers, help each other out, and even compete in cooperative farming contests!

Is Big Farm safe to play?

Yes, it is safe to play. It's a family-friendly game that can be enjoyed by people of all ages. However, as with any game, it's a good idea to balance playing time with other activities and responsibilities.

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