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Root Explorer Speed Software

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  • Version 4.11.5
  • Requirements Android 4.0
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Do you want to have complete control over all the files on your device, including the hidden system files? Root Explorer is a tool that offers this capability and much more! Let's find out more about Root Explorer.

What is Root Explorer?

It is a powerful and versatile file manager designed for advanced users. It provides access to the entire file system of your device, including hidden and system files. This app is particularly useful if your device is rooted, although it can also work with non-rooted devices.


It offers a wealth of features to help manage your files effectively:

  1. Full File System Access: It can access all files on your device, including system files.
  2. Multiple Tabs: You can open multiple tabs to manage different folders simultaneously.
  3. Google Drive and Dropbox Integration: It allows you to directly manage your Google Drive and Dropbox files.
  4. File and Folder Operations: You can copy, move, delete, rename, and zip/unzip files and folders.

User Interface

It's interface is straightforward and easy to navigate. Files and folders are displayed in a clear, hierarchical manner, and different functions are readily accessible.

Why Should You Use Root Explorer?

  1. Complete Control: It offers full control over your files and folders, making it an essential tool for advanced users.
  2. Versatile Functions: The app supports various file operations, including copying, moving, deleting, and compressing.
  3. Integration with Cloud Storage: You can manage your cloud storage files directly within the app.

Safety and Installation

It is suitable for users aged 3 and up. It can be downloaded from authorized app stores like the Google Play Store. Always remember to download apps only from trusted sources to keep your device safe.

Download Root Explorer Speed Software is free

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