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Dragonary: Compete & Earn Coinary LTD

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  • Version 2.5.16
  • Requirements Android 6.0
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  • Genre Games / Casual / role-playing
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Introduction to Dragonary

It is a unique and immersive game that allows players to dive into a realm filled with mythical creatures and thrilling quests. In this fantasy world, you will encounter a wide variety of dragons, each possessing its own distinct traits and abilities. Your journey will take you through captivating landscapes, where you'll unravel mysteries, engage in battles, and forge unbreakable bonds with your dragon companions.

Raise and Train Dragons

In Dragonary, you have the opportunity to raise and nurture your very own dragons. Start with a hatchling and watch it grow into a powerful and majestic creature. Feed your dragon, provide it with care, and train it to develop its unique skills and abilities. As your dragon levels up, it will become stronger and unlock new powers, making it a formidable force to be reckoned with.

Explore a Vast Fantasy World

Venture into a vast and enchanting fantasy world in Dragonary. Explore diverse landscapes, including lush forests, soaring mountains, and mystical caves. Discover hidden treasures, encounter mythical creatures, and uncover the secrets of this magical realm. The world of Dragonary is rich in lore and offers countless adventures for you to embark upon.

Engage in Epic Dragon Battles

It offers exhilarating dragon battles where you can put your training and strategy to the test. Challenge other players or venture into dungeons to face off against fearsome foes. Utilize your dragon's unique abilities, employ tactical maneuvers, and make use of powerful items to emerge victorious in thrilling battles. Each victory brings rewards and advancements, allowing you to further enhance your dragon's strength and unlock new opportunities.

Collect and Breed Rare Dragons

In Dragonary, you have the opportunity to collect and breed a wide variety of dragons. Discover rare and exotic dragon species, each with its own distinct appearance and abilities. Breed your dragons to create unique combinations and unlock even more powerful offspring. Expand your dragon collection and become a legendary dragon breeder.

Join a Dragon Community

It offers a vibrant community of dragon enthusiasts. Join forces with other players in guilds or alliances to tackle challenging quests and engage in cooperative gameplay. Share your experiences, exchange tips, and compete against other dragon trainers to rise up the ranks and become a renowned dragon master.

Immersive Graphics and Sound Design

Experience the enchanting world of Dragonary through its immersive graphics and captivating sound design. The beautifully crafted visuals bring the dragons and landscapes to life, while the atmospheric sound effects and music enhance the sense of adventure and wonder.

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