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RAID: Shadow Legends Plarium Global Ltd

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  • Version 7.10.1
  • Requirements Android 5.0
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  • Genre Games / role-playing
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RAID: Shadow Legends is a fantasy role-playing game that transports you to the kingdom of Teleria, a realm threatened by dark forces. As the chosen champion, you must assemble a team of powerful heroes and engage in tactical battles to save the world from the grasp of the Shadow Lords. With its immersive storyline, stunning visuals, and strategic gameplay, RAID offers an unforgettable gaming experience.

Collect and Upgrade Mighty Heroes

In it, you have the opportunity to collect and command a wide variety of heroes, each with their unique abilities and skills. From mighty warriors and cunning assassins to mystical sorcerers and hulking brutes, there's a hero to suit every playstyle. As you progress through the game, you can upgrade your heroes, unlock new abilities, and equip them with powerful gear to enhance their combat prowess.

Epic Battles and Strategic Gameplay

Engage in exhilarating battles against fearsome enemies and bosses in RAID: Shadow Legends. Strategically plan your team composition, taking advantage of each hero's strengths and synergies. Utilize various tactics, buffs, and debuffs to outmaneuver your opponents and secure victory. With different game modes, including campaign battles, dungeon challenges, and PvP arenas, there's always a new battle to conquer.

Explore a Vast and Rich World

RAID: Shadow Legends features a meticulously crafted world with diverse environments, each filled with secrets and treasures. Journey through lush forests, treacherous dungeons, and towering castles as you unravel the mysteries of Teleria. Encounter unique creatures, engage in quests, and uncover the lore of this enchanting realm.

Clans and Community

Join forces with other players by joining or creating a clan in RAID: Shadow Legends. Collaborate with clan members to tackle powerful bosses and earn exclusive rewards. Engage in friendly competition or strategize together to climb the ranks in clan-based tournaments. The game's vibrant community provides a platform to share strategies, discuss hero builds, and forge new friendships.

Stunning Visuals and Immersive Sound

Experience the realm of Teleria like never before with RAID: Shadow Legends' stunning visuals and immersive sound design. The intricately designed heroes, detailed environments, and eye-catching special effects bring the game world to life. The atmospheric soundtrack and dynamic sound effects enhance the intensity of battles, making every clash feel epic and impactful.

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