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  • Version 7.1.10
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NBA LIVE Mobile Basketball is a thrilling basketball game that allows you to create your dream team, compete in exciting matches, and take on real NBA teams and players. With its realistic graphics, smooth gameplay, and a wide range of features, it delivers an authentic basketball experience on your mobile device.

Build Your Dream Team

In NBA LIVE Mobile Basketball, you have the opportunity to build your ultimate basketball team. Choose from a roster of NBA superstars, past and present, and assemble a squad that suits your playing style. Collect player cards, upgrade their skills, and strategically position them on the court to maximize their performance. From point guards to centers, you have the power to create a formidable team capable of taking on any challenge.

Engage in Real-Time Matches

Take your team to the court and compete against other players from around the world in real-time matches. Show off your skills, execute breathtaking dunks, make precision passes, and sink three-pointers to outscore your opponents. With intuitive controls and smooth gameplay, it allows you to experience the thrill of basketball right at your fingertips.

Campaign Mode and Events

It offers a captivating campaign mode where you can embark on a basketball journey, complete challenges, and earn rewards. Immerse yourself in the game's storyline and lead your team to victory. Additionally, the game features a variety of events, such as live events and special tournaments, where you can test your skills and compete for exclusive rewards.

Improve and Upgrade Your Team

As you progress in NBA LIVE Mobile Basketball, you can acquire new players, unlock better cards, and improve your team's overall performance. Upgrade player attributes, enhance their skills, and equip them with powerful gear to boost their effectiveness on the court. Continuously evolve your team to take on stronger opponents and dominate the basketball world.

Stay Updated with Real NBA Action

It keeps you connected to the real NBA action. Stay updated with the latest news, events, and player performances within the game. Experience the excitement of the NBA season as it unfolds, and adjust your strategies accordingly to mirror the real-life basketball scenarios.

Stunning Graphics and Authentic Audio

NBA LIVE Mobile Basketball boasts stunning graphics that bring the basketball courts, players, and stadiums to life. Immerse yourself in the atmosphere of an NBA game with realistic player animations and detailed arenas. The game's authentic audio effects further enhance the immersion, capturing the cheers of the crowd and the sounds of the game.

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